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Newborn Photography Frederick MD

I’m Jennifer Riley, the heart behind Jennifer Riley Photography, nestled in the scenic town of Middletown, Maryland. Over the past decade, I’ve dedicated myself to capturing life’s fleeting moments through my lens, turning everyday memories into timeless art. As a mom to two wonderful boys who are growing up too quickly, I understand the importance of preserving each precious phase of life. That’s why I am passionate about helping you capture and preserve your own family’s story.

Printing Family Portraits vs. Letting Them Sit in Digital Form:

Why Printed Portraits Matter

In this digital age, where countless images are stored on devices and rarely revisited, there is so much value in tangible, printed photographs. Printed portraits are not just decor; they are daily reminders of the bonds we share with those we hold dear. Having these portraits in your home can significantly boost your children’s self-esteem. They see themselves as a valued and integral part of the family unit, reinforcing their sense of belonging and identity.

Moreover, printed photos take on new significance over time. They become cherished heirlooms, artifacts of personal history to be enjoyed throughout our lives and our kids’ lives. They tell the story of ‘us’—a narrative that grows deeper and becomes more sentimental with each passing year.

My Approach to Creating Lasting Art

From newborns and expecting mothers to entire families and high school seniors, I cater to many phases of family life. I believe that every family’s story is unique, and my goal is to tailor each session to reflect this uniqueness. Whether it’s selecting the perfect location, styling, or timing, I’m here to ensure that your portrait session is truly “you.”

Crafted with Love, Meant to Last

At Jennifer Riley Photography, I offer a variety of high-quality products designed to ensure that your family’s moments are not only captured but also beautifully preserved. Here’s a closer look at some of my products:

The Original Photoblocks

To ensure your photographs maintain their high quality, images are first printed and then adhered to a wooden block, rather than being printed directly onto the wood. Each block is then sealed with a protective layer to resist water and light. Created to endure, the protective layer not only enhances durability but also contributes a unique, subtle charm reminiscent of a painted piece. Photoblocks beautifully combine modern photo technology with rustic craftsmanship. Entirely handcrafted, each block is a unique artwork. 

Designer Framed Wall Art

My contemporary designer frame collection features elegant frame options and extra-wide, thick white mats. Ordering framed art from Jennifer Riley Photography simplifies the process for you—order your prints and frame, and it arrives completely assembled with the print, mount, frame, backing paper, and hanger. It’s ready for you to hang and enjoy! You can also consider ordering my designer frames in groupings to create a cohesive wall display. A printed hanging guide is provided with each Designer Frame Grouping, offering step-by-step instructions for perfect alignment and spacing.

Print Your Family Pictures with this custom round frame

Fine Art Albums

There’s something uniquely appealing about my fine art albums. They are made with the finest quality materials. The leather for the covers comes from renowned Italian manufacturers, and our linens are 100% pure. Upon opening, you’ll see your photos vividly brought to life on our superior paper options. Each fine art album is a testament to fine craftsmanship, with every album custom-designed to ensure it’s high quality for your family and friends to enjoy looking through time and time again.

Keepsake Box – The Reveal Box

The Reveal Box turns a simple collection of pictures into an interchangeable frame. Handmade by expert artisans and featuring high-quality materials such as authentic Italian leather, the Reveal Box stands out with its innovative and elegant design. It doubles as a table-top frame when positioned vertically. The meticulous attention to detail by professional artisans ensures a luxurious look and feel. Each box, handcrafted in Italy, becomes a truly unique product. 

Why Choose Jennifer Riley Photography?

Choosing to work with me means opting for an experience that is as effortless as it is enriching. With my guidance, every step of the portrait process is seamless and joyful, from the initial consultation to the relaxed photo session and finally to the selection of your beautiful artwork. My aim is not just to take photos, but to create an atmosphere where your family’s love and adventure are captured authentically. If you’re in the Frederick, MD, area and are looking for a photographer to help you create lasting artwork featuring your loved ones, reach out today. I’d love to work with your family!