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Newborn Photography Frederick MD

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As a family photographer based out of Frederick, MD, I get to regularly interact with expecting parents and those with newborns or small children. One of the many things new parents have on their seemingly unending to-do lists is figuring out pediatric care for their little one. It can be daunting to approach healthcare decisions and preparation for a little person you have never even met, and it certainly isn’t as fun as picking out nursery decor. But my hope is that this post will help ease any anxiety you may feel and simplify what to do and what to expect when it comes to choosing a Frederick MD pediatrician,

Finding a Pediatrician

It’s a good idea to start looking for a pediatrician for your baby sometime in your second trimester or at the beginning of your third. This will give you enough time to figure out your priorities, do your research, potentially visit the pediatrician’s office and/or interview the doctor, and make sure they are taking new patients. Don’t stress if you’ve waited until the last minute, though – the process really is simple, and many offices can squeeze you in on short notice!

Some Things to Consider During Your Search


This one is obvious, but you’ll probably want to start your search with offices that are nearby and work your way out to find the best fit. Here is a list of pediatric offices right in the heart of Frederick, Maryland!

All About Kids Pediatrics

Address: 190 Thomas Johnson Dr., Suite #5, Frederick, MD 21702

Phone Number: 301-200-7444

Frederick Pediatric Associates

Address: 87 Thomas Johnson Drive, Suite 101, Frederick, MD 21702

Phone Number: 301-694-0606

The Pediatric Center of Frederick

Address: 1475 Taney Avenue, Suite 201 and 202, Frederick, MD 21702

Phone Number: 301-662-0133

Kids Care Pediatrics

Address: 110 Baughman’s Lane, Suite 150, Frederick, MD 21702

Phone Number: 301-696-8813


You won’t get very far if the doctor doesn’t accept your insurance. When looking up a pediatrician, make sure they take your insurance before you go any further with your research!

Aligned Philosophies

There is a wide array of opinions and philosophies regarding health care approaches and practices. As the parent of your child, it is a good idea to assess where you fall on that spectrum and to find a pediatrician who will be a good fit for you. Some parents prefer to do lots of research and take a more specific and tailored approach to their children’s medical care. Others prefer to trust those decisions to their doctors. And others may feel comfortable somewhere in the middle. Figure out where you land, and choose a doctor accordingly.


Asking friends or family members for their recommendations is an effective way of deciding on the right doctor for your baby. Talking to people you know about their experiences can help you decide if a certain doctor or office will be a good fit. If you’re looking for a doctor with a specific philosophy or approach, try to find another mom or couple who hold similar views and ask for their recommendation for deciding on a pediatrician in Frederick MD.

Ratings and Reviews

Whether you are able to get personal recommendations or not, it is always good to look at ratings and read reviews. If you have been feeling good about a particular option or having second thoughts, other people’s ratings and reviews can often be the confirmation you’re looking for.

First Newborn Appointment

Once you have found a pediatrician that seems like a good fit, you can go visit the office before the baby is born, or you can simply give them a call and make sure you’re clear on what to expect and what to do when baby arrives. If you plan to deliver in a hospital, find out if the pediatrician you have chosen visits patients in that hospital. If they do, you can request your specific pediatrician, but otherwise, a hospital pediatrician will examine your newborn, and you’ll see your baby’s doctor a few days after the baby is born. 

After the baby is born, you’ll need to call his or her new doctor and schedule baby’s newborn checkup, which is typically 3-5 days after birth. It can be overwhelming, but much less so if you’re prepared ahead of time with the number and a reminder to call!

Tips for the First Appointment

Bring Someone with You

Your baby’s newborn checkup will likely be your first time getting out with your little one, and it can be a daunting task so soon after giving birth. You will still be recovering, sleep deprived, learning how to be a mom, and you likely won’t be cleared to drive yet. For all these reasons, make sure your partner or another adult is available to bring you and the baby to the appointment. 

Pack a Change of Clothes for the Baby

You’ll quickly find that extra baby clothes in the diaper bag are always a MUST, but don’t forget them for that first appointment! Peds offices usually have diapers and wipes you can use, but if your little one has a blowout, a pee fountain, or lots of spit-up, you’ll definitely want to be prepared. As a newborn photographer and a mom, I have often seen firsthand the need for spare baby clothes!

Pack Postpartum Items

Don’t forget to bring whatever you need in terms of pads, disposable underwear, breast pads, etc. You will still be bleeding from birth, and you don’t want to forget to take care of your own needs in the midst of doing everything to take care of the baby.

Try Not to Stress!

Getting out can be stressful, and the baby will almost definitely need to eat during the time you’re gone. But try to remember to take things slow, give yourself grace, and know that things will get easier. You will learn to navigate the complexities of feeding a tiny human, sleep will return, and you will fit in clothes again – all in time. Don’t forget to enjoy those early days, however challenging they may be. You’re going to be amazing!

The First Year

A typical first-year appointment schedule for most pediatric offices, and the recommended schedule from The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) includes baby well visits at 2-5 days, 1 month, 2 months, 4 months, 6 months, 9 months, and 12 months. These appointments will include recording the baby’s measurements and weight, checking eyes, ears, movement, etc., immunizations, and discussing things like feeding, sleeping, and any concerns you as the parents might have. You should feel comfortable asking your baby’s doctor any questions you might have and seeking his or her advice if you have any concerns at all. 

A Different Kind of Newborn Appointment!

I may not be a doctor, but once you have your baby’s pediatric care figured out, I would be honored to provide a different kind of care for your newborn as their photographer! If you are on the hunt for someone who specializes in newborn photography in or around Frederick, MD, I would love to help. You can view my portfolio and get in touch with me here!