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Newborn Photography Frederick MD

Best Family Photographer

Frederick and the surrounding areas are absolutely gorgeous every time of the year. Here are a few of the best photography locations in Frederick Maryland for family and high school senior photography sessions. Whether you are looking for an edgy urban feel or your going for a more rural vibe we will work together to find the perfect location for your photography session. For ideas on wardrobe check out my post here.

Gambrill Mill 4901 Urbana Pike, Frederick MD 21704

This is a great location for family and high school senior photography sessions and is close to Frederick. Gambrill Mill is a very popular spot for high school senior portrait sessions, as well as family photography sessions. There are beautiful fields, a handicap accessible walking path, bridges and the Monocacy River. There is some walking involved if you want to fit all of these spots into your photography session, but it is completely doable.

Catoctin Creek Park 2929 Sumantown Rd, Middletown, MD 21769

There is some walking required for this location, so make sure not to wear your heels! The water is shallow enough to get in for some fun shot and kids LOVE this location. There is a hike on a decent trail to get to the water.

Antiedam Battlefield (Burnside Bridge) Sharpsburg, MD 21782

This location is about 30 minutes from Frederick, Maryland. Known for the infamous bridge this location has some gorgeous sunsets. I am all about the light here. Lots of high school seniors like this location, as well as my clients who are interested in Civil War history.

Downtown Frederick Carroll Creek 50 Carroll Creek Way Frederick, Maryland 21701

I absolutely LOVE Downtown Frederick! There are just so many great nooks and crannies and hidden gems here. I can get so much variety just walking 2 blocks down Carroll Creek. The downfall it that on weekend nights it tends to be crowded, so I prefer to at this location shoot during the week. This location is perfect every time of year and works great for winter photography sessions. This is also a favorite spot for high school senior photography sessions. It is a bit more on the urban/ edgy side.

Middletown Park 7628 Coblentz Road Middletown Maryland 21769

This is my best kept secret! The reflection of the trees in the lake is epic. There are some cool bridges and hidden spots that kids love to explore. There is minimal walking involved in this location and its a favorite for family sessions.

My Studio 1A West Main Street Middletown Maryland 21769

If you are looking for something a bit more formal or controlled light and temperature my studio is a great location. Wardrobe changes are easy to do and I have a variety of backdrops that can be used as well as the backlight from my storefront. I use natural light and reflectors to make sure you look your best. I also use my studio for professional headshots.

Seasonal Locations

In the spring I offer cherry blossom photography sessions to a limited number of clients at a private location that I have exclusive access to in Middletown Maryland.

Sunflower/Wildflower Photography Sessions Valley View Acres 4005 Valley View Road Middletown Maryland 21769

Late summer to early fall I offer photography sessions at Valley View Acres. This is a pretty epic spot and not only has beautiful flowers but also offers a view of the sunset over Middletown Valley. This location is perfect for any type of session. I would shoot here every day if I could!

Christmas Tree Farm Sessions Dreamland Tree Farm  2700 Sumantown Rd, Middletown, MD 21769

This a gorgeous family owned farm that makes a beautiful backdrop for your Christmas cards! There is a small farm rental fee for this location.

Santa Sessions I offer Santa sessions the first Sunday of December each year. Follow my facebook page for booking.

The big man is back! He’s fully vaccinated and all COVID precautions will be in place. I will open up booking in early October. These are the only mini-sessions that I offer and they are only for kids. Santa takes his time with each child and can read them a story and the kids can tell them what they want for Christmas.

Last but not least I am always open to private location suggestions. If you have a beautiful property or access to a farm that you think would make a great location I am all for it. It can make the photos more personal when it is a location that is meaningful to you.